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My approach is different to most and, while it does not offer a silver bullet, it has provided me, my son, and the rest of my family with a more harmonious and happier life. It could help yours too.

As a coach what I have to offer is two decades autism experience and expertise. So, if you are looking to partner with someone who can; help you better understand your child, better access the support and help available to you, or help you find practical solutions to overcome the daily challenges that raising an autistic child can create – then I might just be the coach for you.


There are common learnings and practical solutions that every parent can benefit from to make their own and their child’s life immediately better. I share these on my virtual, group coaching programme. But everyone who supports an autistic child, has a unique child, and is on a unique journey. That’s why I also offer 121 coaching.


Whichever route is right for you, I promise that having worked with me you will leave better informed about your child, the autistic experience, and be empowered to start creating positive change. You’ll be better able to; support your child to express their needs, regulate their emotions, and increase their capacity in more challenging environments. Your child will be more content, you will be happier with a deeper understanding, and it will give you the breathing space you deserve to focus on enjoying your child as the amazing person they are.


I’m often asked when the right time to work with me is. The honest answer is there’s no right or wrong time. Everyone is on a different journey and, therefore, the right time is when it is right for you. There are critical junctures on the journey, that prompt people to seek my support so, if any of the following resonate with you, then I’m here to help and perhaps now is the right time for you.


Has your child:


  • Been placed on or can’t get on the waiting list for an autism diagnosis but you need support now?

  • Had an autism diagnosis but you don’t know how best to support them?

  • Had an ‘autistic traits’ diagnosis but you can’t access the support you need?

  • Had a PDA profile as part of their diagnosis, or you believe they have PDA, and you need support managing their needs?


Or do you feel:


  • Lost in a world of special educational needs you know nothing about and would welcome support?

  • You’re constantly battling the school system to secure the right support for your child?

  • Fearful for what the future may hold for you and your family?

  • You’ve tried every autism strategy and it’s still not working?


Coaching is a partnership

I mention this because it’s important. I don’t turn up and hand you an envelope containing all the answers you need, because there’s no ‘one size fits all’ approach. Whether now is the right time for you to work with me, really comes down to whether now is the right time for you. And that’s about more than wanting or needing support.


To get the best from working with me, also requires time, energy, and commitment from you – and I know just how hard that can be to muster at the end of a trying and tiring day or week. So, before you make any decisions please do also ask yourself:

  • Am I prepared for change?

  • Am I willing to learn?

  • Am I prepared to try new things even if I think they won’t work?

  • Can I carve out time alone to commit to our meetings?

  • Am I prepared to put into practise what I learn?

  • Do I have the patience to be consistent?

If you believe the answer is yes, then please do look at my 1:1 coaching package or my group coaching programme and, if you still aren’t sure of the best route to take or just want to have a chat, please do get

in touch.



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