The Bonsai Tree

How the Bonsai tree helps demonstrate my coaching approach to autism

The NeuroHappiness logo includes a Bonsai tree. Maybe you’re wondering if there’s any significance to that. Well, I’m glad you’re curious, because yes there is: I’m using the Bonsai as a metaphor to illustrate why environment and conditions hold the key to unlocking something as unusual yet as beautiful as a Bonsai. You see all trees need certain conditions to successfully grow, but to thrive the Bonsai needs special care.

Without it, the Bonsai goes into survival mode. It sheds leaves - losing its uniqueness and character. The longer it remains in this survival state, the longer it takes to revive. Children thrive when we create the conditions and give them the nutrients for them to do so. Autistic children and adults are like the Bonsai - flourishing when we meet their unique needs. Anyone can tend the Bonsai, but without understanding the special conditions and nutrients it
requires, most will spend their lives in survival mode. That’s tragic because a Bonsai that reaches its full potential offers a rare and unsurpassed beauty. NeuroHappiness exists to help you learn about the autistic experience so your child can be who they truly are, live an authentic life and thrive, not merely survive.

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